Friday, May 05, 2006

Like the sun going down on me (20-9)

This is baseball's revenge for stealing that Wednesday game against the Mariners. Blowing a 2-1 game in the ninth to the Royals and losing 5-4. Panic!

This was the first time Ozzie tried to use Jenks on three straight days this season. He's only done this twice before, 9/18-20 last year and 9/28-10/1 last year. Both previous times they tried this, Jenks has struggled, giving up runs. It is quite likely he just can't pitch that much. Cotts wasn't available (I assume) because of two straight appearances. Therefore, it looks like the pitching staff is still kind of winded from the 11 inning game the other night and Ozzie's newfound matchup tinkering.

The great thing about the White Sox is they send Vazquez and Buehrle out the next two games.They face Runelvys Hernandez, who most of the White Sox lineup absolutely own.

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Jeeves said...

Jenks was definitely tired. His curve wasn't sharp at all, it sort of just rolled. His velocity was far down too.