Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Game 46: Washing machine (31-15)

Chicago 3, Oakland 2. The White Sox completed their first three-game home sweep of the A's in almost twenty years when Bobby Jenks struck out three, getting the last four in a row, to close out a solid Mark Buerhle outing backed by great defensive plays by Joe Crede and Jermaine Dye. (Dye later dropped a fly ball to take the luster off his game.)

The big story for the series was supposed to be Frank Thomas' return to the scene of virtually all of his career. Thomas was really, really good, the best he's been all year, with 4 hits in 9 at bats, including a couple of homers, four walks, and a HBP. It didn't matter. He was upstaged by a squeeze bunt, a home-run derby, and Buehrle&Jenks.

  • Bobby Jenks is one nasty so-and-so. Jason Kendall is very difficult to strike out, but he nailed him in the 8th with the tying and go-ahead runners in scoring position. That gives him 17 strikeouts in May in less than 11 innings. He's been walking a batter almost every game, but not today.
  • The White Sox now have had six consecutive sellouts. That has never happened before.
  • After an off-day tomorrow comes a visit back on the plastic, to the so-called "Rogers Centre" in Toronto. The Tigers draw the Indians, who desperately need to kill them. Should be fun.
  • Oh, and when is Michael Barrett getting suspended?


-Peder said...

Wondered the same thing about Barrett. What's MLB waiting for?

Jeeves said...

I loved the Jenks vs. Kendall pitch sequence. He threw him gas and then finished him off with a killer curve.
Did you see how high Kendall was choking up against Jenks?

I'm going to riot if AJ gets suspended. I hope he doesn't, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he will be suspended for just being involved.