Sunday, May 07, 2006

Game 30: Got no time to slow (21-9)

The White Sox bounced back from their Friday night fiasco with a 9-2 extermination of the Royals. Javier Vazquez once again flirted with a no-hitter for five plus and ended up giving up a couple of runs against his favorite punching bag. The White Sox pounded Runelvys Hernandez, with Brian Anderson hitting a home run, Tad Iguchi collecting four hits, and Jim Thome bashing a three-run bomb. Today they send Buehrle out against Mark Redman.

It was a perfect night for the White Sox elsewhere. Detroit's bullpen blew up against the Twins, as Todd Jones couldn't hold a one run lead, and Cleveland was shut down by Joel Piniero out in Microsoftland.

The Cheat quibbles with Black Betsy this weekend and has a comment about Podsednik's loss of speed. I differ, though; speed doesn't slump, per se, it erodes over time. Podsednik's 30 years old, and it is possible that he's lost the half a step that makes him more than a fourth outfielder. This is probably a good thing, though, not a bad thing, in that it is happening before the White Sox do something extremely stupid with him (contractually speaking). Podsednik's value to the White Sox is something that mostly eludes the numbers. If he loses that "something", he's a backup outfielder.

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