Thursday, May 04, 2006

Because of the wonderful things he does (19-8)

Pablo Ozuna didn't stop tying a game in the bottom of the ninth with a shocking 2-out solo shot. In extras he hustled a two-out groundball single up the middle into a double (essentially stealing second on Jeremy Reed) and scoring on Uribe's flare to win the game 6-5 over the Mariners. The White Sox had taken a 4-1 lead on Crede's slam, then given all four runs back in one of those painful innings the White Sox didn't have much last season. Ozuna saved the day.

Ozuna is now hitting .524 (11-for-21). Here's hoping Ozzie has the sense to realize that this won't persist over 250 at bats.

There's a lot of whining this week about booing. The fans in Cleveland got a scolding or two for booing Jim Thome. I don't have a problem with it. Fans have a right to boo anybody they want to. They have the moral high ground if:
  • The player left their team for more money plain and simple, or
  • The player said or did something really, really obnoxious
Cleveland fans have every right to boo Thome. He left for money. White Sox fans would be within their rights to boo Bartolo Colon as well. White Sox fans wouldn't boo Aaron Rowand because he didn't leave for money, he left because he had to. Now, the booing of Pierzynski in Anaheim (and hitting him with a pitch) was beyond the pale; Pierzynski's sin was being a red-ass baseball player.


Jeeves said...

I just hope that we don't boo Thomas when he comes back here.
He did so much for this team, and was so valuable to us. He really is the face of the franchise.

I realize he said some stupid things, but I'd be pretty upset if I had to leave the only home I'd even known on some one else's terms.

-Peder said...

The booing in Cleveland didn't bother me. The cheering when he almost got hit in the face with a pitch did. Being displeased with a player is every fans right. Hoping he gets beaned is over the line.