Sunday, May 29, 2005

33-17: Casey Jones you'd better watch your speed

They are going to break our hearts, we know. They've done this before.

The 1982 team broke out to a 28-14 start and then faded, weighed down by pitching problems and poor expectations. The key offseason acquisition, the new left fielder, was acquired in a controversial trade for an established star with a bad reputation, and he was a disappointment, as the core of the offense didn't hit for power. The pitching was good -- but not good enough. The bullpen was OK -- but not good enough. Ultimately the team had to replace multiple regulars who were crushingly disappointing: Bill Almon, who had experienced a fluke year but resumed his normal career; Ron LeFlore, who let a fly ball bounce off his head; and Jim Morrison at third base, who resumed his interrupted career with the Doors -- I mean, was traded to Pittsburgh.

Like that 1982 team, the 2005 team needs a jumpstart again after a flying start.

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