Friday, May 20, 2005

30-12: Let the good times roll...

The White Sox took the first of three from the Cubs as Freddy Garcia continued his mastery of the day and Joe Crede took Greg Maddux deep.
  • The shallow analysts love to dig at the offense but it's pretty consistently putting up five runs a game over the last 10 and 20 games. They haven't clobbered out the double-digit smashings but they've never been shut out.
  • Pale Hose pitching has held the opposition to 3 or fewer runs in 60% of the games so far. That is amazing.
  • The Undead from the Land of Yubetcha refuse to quietly lie in their graves, sitting like hungry jackals lying in wait five games back. I'm still worried about them.
30 of the first 42. I thought they'd be OK but this is nuts.

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