Saturday, May 14, 2005

27-9: Oooo, What A Lucky Man He Was

Mark Buehrle and Dustin Hermanson shut down the Orioles except for one brief 3-run outburst, and the underappreciated offense scratched back to within two, then Paul Konerko flipped a cheapie into center field to plate two runs to take the lead on the way to a 5-3 win in front of a decent crowd at The Cell.
  • According to the Chicago Tribune, Sox Luck Conquers All. Right. The Orioles scored 3 runs on squat for production; because Gomez happened to hit his double just right with two on, they scored 3 runs in the game on offensive numbers than normally yield one run. The White Sox' component stats add up to 6 runs. If anything, Baltimore was lucky to stay in a game where they were out-hit 12-5, out-total-based 15-6, and out on-based 15-6. Baltimore has one man left on base and the White Sox, 9. (Average LOB in an AL game is between 7 and 8). When the White Sox fudge three runs from air by bunching some hits, they are lucky. When the White Sox finally get one to fall in with RISP, they are lucky. Give me a break.
  • White Sox pitching held the Orioles to five runs in two games: that's the story. Yeah, Sosa is hurt, but they still have Tejada, Lopez, Mora, Roberts, Palmeiro... those guys can mash.
  • When I finished mowing the lawn and spraying Weed-B-Gone on those pesky broadleaves in my lazy bermudagrass, the White Sox were losing 3-0 and the Twins beating the Rangers 6-2. The Sox fighting back and the Twins tanking, both on the same night, while the Indiana Pacers escaped Detroit... priceless.

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