Saturday, May 07, 2005

23-7, Doctor [Longball], Doctor

The missing offense arrived today, smashed down the clubhouse door, and sacked Toronto's ballpark en route to a 10-7 win. Konerko hit two- and three-run shots, Iguchi and Uribe added two-run homers, and Aaron Rowand added a solo shot. Scott Podsednik stole four bases.
  • Jon Garland ran his record to 6-0 despite easily his least effective outing so far. The Jays hit him sort of hard, although I can't help think about three of the six runs he allowed were turf-aided. You have to pitch to the conditions, of course, but other than Russ Adams, nobody really hit him all that hard.
  • The Blue Jays can be one stupid baseball team. Losing by a half dozen, they were taking extra bases on fly balls and risking legging out doubles in situations where they were close plays and they were toying with the end of the inning. Losing by a ton, third base is not worth the risk, dudes.

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