Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's a Volcano

Joe Crede's continued stuggles, Jerry Owens' injuries, and Brian Anderson's statement-spring are combining to make matters really, really difficult for the White Sox.

Crede needs to be traded by the roster cut-down, as the White Sox can't carry both him and Josh Fields. Fields is, at this point, by far the more valuable of the two, but the availability of options may compel them to take Crede North when the time comes and consign Fields to Charlotte until Crede plays his way into somebody else's plans.

The White Sox clearly drew up the outfield in the offseason as Swisher-Owens-Dye+Quentin, but the play of Anderson and Owens' injuries may require a realignment. Anderson has played well enough to stick, but the Groupthink need to carry too many pitchers means there aren't enough bench spots left for two backup outfielders.

The season may hinge on how they resolve this game of musical chairs.

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