Thursday, November 22, 2007

Fish, he got a hook in his throat

Scott Linebrink reportedly negotiating with the White Sox for four years and nineteen million dollars...

Linebrink is not a leak-type reliever, he's a burst-type reliever. What I mean by that is his usual game is a scoreless inning, but once in a while, oh my God. In 71 appearances last year, he posted scoreless innings or more in 52 of them, and one or fewer runs in 62 of them. A four spot, three threes, and five twos inflated his ERA. He tends to do this from time to time. He does finish what he starts and he doesn't bleed runs. That's what you get with a setup man.

Chicago fans aren't really tolerant of the burst-type reliever, so this should end well. Yeah.

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