Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sounds of Silence

While there has been some player movement in the past week, very little of it has been all that interesting. The big questions for the White Sox are no more answered than they were at the start of the month.

Comings (and stayings):
  • Chris Widge has been resigned, and so has Pablo Ozuna, to modest contracts, to reprise their bit player roles.
  • Chris Stewart effectively replaces Raul Casanova and Jamie Burke (now with the Rangers system) as the third string catcher option. Stewart was added to the 40-man roster.
  • OF Chris Young was added to the roster. Young is fresh off a good AA campaign. He seems to be fast, have prodigious power,walks a lot, but does strike out a lot and "only" hit .277.
  • Charles Haeger was added to the roster. Young pitcher with a knuckleball. Don't hold your breath waiting for him.
  • Daniel Haigwood was added to the roster. Young power pitcher with Brandon McCarthy like number so far.
  • Jerry Owens was added to the roster. Owens is a speed-oriented project player. Get on base, no power, gets caught stealing a lot.
  • Geoff Blum has taken a modest contract offer from the Padres to go home to southern California. Blum obviously will be remembered by White Sox fans for his miraculous Tito-F-Landrum-esque solo homer in the 14th inning of Game Three, but, beyond that, he did little last year except provide insurance against Joe Crede's finger injury becoming a crisis.
  • Carl Everett was bought out and is definitely gone.
  • Kevin Walker is mercifully gone.
Wait and sees:
  • Paul Konerko hasn't signed anywhere. The news is pretty dead, which makes me think his agent isn't seeing the offers he expected. The White Sox have left one spot on the 40-man roster open, which is presumably a slot for Paulie if he resigns before the Rule 5 draft.
  • Frank Thomas the free agent is rehabbing. There is no telling what happens with him.
  • The White Sox avoided a trap when the Cubs inexplicable overpaid Scott Eyre to be their LOOGY. Three years, $11MM? What?

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